I have a technical background in livestock nutrition and worked for many years at the Macaulay Institute (now James Hutton Institute) on various aspects of plant-herbivore interactions. While at the Macaulay I developed some work on livestock systems in the Karakoram region of Pakistan funded by the EU. In 2007 I joined ILRI to lead a project on livestock feed in smallholder systems. At ILRI my eyes were opened to the huge issues facing poor livestock producers in the developing world. I came to understand that barriers to change were as often related to humans and institutions as to technical issues. My work moved into the area of innovation systems and participatory methods. I have done a lot of work on multi-stakeholder processes in smallholder livestock systems and have led the development of the widely used FEAST tool which helps to inform better livestock feed intervention strategies.

My vision of success for collaborative research is to develop research areas that combine technical excellence with a social science angle.