Current position and affiliation: Animal Nutritionist Scientist., ILRI’s Country representative Uganda. Based in Kampala

I specialize in feeds and feeding of ruminants especially for ruminant dairy cattle but more recently with non-ruminants pigs. Examples of outputs are in the topics of crop residues, forages including pastures, concentrate feeds and animal supplements, ration formulation, calf feeding etc. My current research work is dedicated to productivity enhancing research projects aimed at transforming animal nutrition research outputs into wider use by various actors in livestock value chains. My work mainly focuses on translating high end laboratory research to farm level use for the benefit of farmers and other end users. I have working experience in East Africa, Southern Africa, West Africa, India and Pakistan. I have promoted the use of participatory tools for targeting feed interventions including the Feed Assessment Tool (FEAST) and Techfit (for prioritization of feed interventions)

My vision of success for collaborative research is to translate scientific outputs into use by farmers through action research processes.