I am Vice Principal Research at SRUC, leading our research in animal and veterinary science, crop and soil systems, future farming systems and land economy, environment and society. I have championed growing international links for SRUC, including with ILRI. I will be moving to the University of Edinburgh in October as Director of a new Global Academy of Agriculture and Food Security. Collaboration with SRUC and ILRI will continue to be very important in this new role.

My research interests are in the sustainable use of farm animal genetic resources, especially the choice of appropriate breeding goals and selection criteria, understanding the biological, economic and environmental consequences of selection. I have longstanding research interests in incorporating health and welfare-related traits into livestock breeding programmes, and latterly in how genetic change affects livestock greenhouse gas emissions. I have growing interests in application of genetics in sustainable tropical livestock systems.

My vision of success for collaborative research is that… we establish longstanding, respected, well-resourced partnerships, producing world class science and translating this to make a difference in practice to tackling global challenges. I believe that this workshop will be an important milestone towards this vision.