Henry Kiara

I trained as veterinarian and for my PhD I worked on the development of vaccines against ticks. For last 25 years I have been involved in research on different epidemiological aspects of animal health mostly in cattle but to a lesser extent on small ruminants and even less on pigs. Earlier in my career .my major interest was on ticks and tick-borne disease. I was involved in research on different tick control approaches and with the development and deployment of the live East Coast fever vaccine. In the recent past my interest has shifted more to the delivery of, animal health services especially among smallholder livestock keepers. My research interest range from the burden of different diseases to their impact and the impact of various veterinary interventions to different approaches to the delivery animal health services. I have also a keen interest on the disease surveillance and development of tools to assist in this.

My vision of success for collaborative research is when multidisciplinary scientists find a common research interest, develop a proposal that is funded and successfully implement it with clearly defined roles and publish as many papers from the research as possible.