I have recently taken up my post at SRUC as a Researcher in the Sustainability of Agri-Environmental Systems. My PhD research used remote sensing to monitor long-term changes in land cover in Tanzania and the role forests could play in climate change adaptation. Since then, my work has focused on the sustainable use of natural resources and how the environment impacts wellbeing via provisioning (e.g. food and timber), regulating (e.g. regulation of climate change and hydrological cycles) and cultural (e.g. aesthetics and spiritual values) ecosystem services. Previous to joining SRUC, I worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Southampton, focusing on conserving ecosystems and the sustainable use of nature’s resources at the forest-agriculture interface whilst also alleviating poverty and increasing human wellbeing. My work focuses on landscape, national and international scales, encompassing the natural and social sciences via modelling, fieldwork and collaboration with global partners.

“My vision of success for collaborative research is the production of holistic outputs that draw upon numerous areas of expertise, highlighting synergies and trade-offs and allowing stakeholders to form evidence-based policy.”