Professor Bob Rees is Head of SRUC’s Carbon Management Centre, and a Professor in Agriculture and Climate Change. His work focuses on understanding and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture. As a soil and environmental scientist, Bob has research interests in nitrogen and carbon cycling and soil management in a range of crop and soil systems. He has had significant involvement in EU funded research programmes, recently co-ordinating Legume-Futures an EU Framework project on the role of legumes in farming systems, and was a participant in the Animal Change NitroEurope and Greengrass research projects. He has over 100 research publications, and has collaborated extensively on projects on greenhouse gas emissions from sub-Saharan Africa. He was a leading scientist to the Agricultural UK Greenhouse Gas Platform programme aimed at improving the reporting and mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions from UK agriculture and MinNo, a research programme studying the intensity of nitrous oxide emissions from UK arable cropping. He is an the Assistant Editor for the journal Soil Use and Management, and an advisor on several international research programmes.

My vision of success for collaborative research is one in which uses complementary skills of partners to address key scientific challenges. Outcome of this exercise should be designed to deliver high quality science and make significant societal impacts