Our science program was recently established to build ILRIs capacity in upstream research on feeds and forages, taking advantage of new scientific opportunities and leveraging the genetic resources held in the forage genebank situated in Addis. I have interests spanning a broad range of modern biotechnologies, including plant genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics and high throughput plant phenotyping. My aim is to develop tools and deliver technologies to advance scientific knowledge and to apply these capabilities to support plant selection and breeding in order to accelerate the genetic improvement of feed and forage species in order to help enhance livestock productivity and performance in developing countries. The forage genebank consists of a collection of nearly 19,000 accessions together with a large amount of characterization and evaluation data collected over the last 30 years and its activities have been incorporated in the program.

My vision of success for collaborative research is a program of work that leverages the strengths and complementary capabilities of all partners to deliver results and develop outcomes of mutual interest.