I am broadly trained plant scientist with specialization in plant pathology. I lead climate-smart Brachiaria grass research for development program of BecA-ILRI Hub. Other responsibility includes training scientists from eastern and central Africa on the use of high end biosciences research tools and techniques (e. g. molecular biology, biotechnology and genomics) in plant pathology and tropical forages research. My current research focuses on discovery of beneficial microbes and their use in tropical forages drought and low fertility adaptation, pest and diseases management, soil fertility improvement and increase biomass production. Previously, I worked on switchgrass, the dual purpose forage and bioenergy grass at the Samuel Roberts Nobel Foundation, OK for US Department of Energy. I have B.Sc. degree in Agriculture, M.Sc. in Applied Plant Sciences and Ph.D. majoring Plant Pathology.

My vision of success for collaborative research is to foster South-North partnership to improve tropical forage for Sub-Saharan Africa.